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Service & Maintenance

Get the cost efficiencies and convenience of professional care for your cooling system.

Sudden breakdowns are not only inconvenient, especially when it’s really hot, it can mean high repair costs. The best way to guard against these unexpected costs, is our AtlasCare Service Program. Because we’ll be caring for your cooling system as though it is our own, we’ll makes sure you don’t have breakdowns and that you have the safety and security of a smooth running cooling system.

Precision Air Conditioner Tune-up Includes:

  1. Check and clean furnace fan compartment.
  2. Check and adjust blower operation. Replace belt if required.
  3. Lubricate all moving parts.
  4. Wash or replace your standard 1” furnace filter.
  5. Check for air leakage in plenum and seal.
  6. Adjust plenum dampers as required.
  7. Disconnect drain and verify it is clear.
  8. Water test condensate pump.
  9. Check fuse/breaker and mark electrical panel.
  10. Check operation of thermostat and level.
  11. Measure and record temperature drop across evaporator coil.
  12. Close humidifier bypass & turn off humidistat.
  13. Check that outdoor unit is level.
  14. Lubricate outdoor fan motor.
  15. Test run unit and check for unusual noises.
  16. Visual inspection of refrigerant tubing and insulation.
  17. Check freon level
  18. Thoroughly clean your outdoor unit of dirt, grime and debris.
  19. Ensure proper clearance around outdoor unit.
  20. Inspect and tighten all electrical connections and contacts.

Benefits of regular preventative maintenance:

 Prolong the useful life of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

 Minimize energy consumption up to 30% by having proper adjustments and regular cleanings each year.