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Take a deep breath and relax… AtlasCare has your back (and your lungs).

Quality matters, doesn’t it? After the team at AtlasCare is done providing the best of the best air quality services, you will want to spend time in your home again. We won’t judge you.

How many hours do you spend inside your home each and every day? By our calculations, probably quite a few! Why then do we never talk about the quality of the air inside our homes? With so many factors affecting the air your family breathes, it’s time to let the AtlasCare team take a closer look. You’ll be glad we did.

We don’t flirt with dirt! AtlasCare experts leave your home as clean as they found it. 

Over email or text, every installation starts by letting you know exactly who is coming to your home. Then we bring the goods in more ways than one. We deliver your cooling appliances of course, but we also bring red carpets and shoe booties. Once we are red carpet ready, we get down to work. When the cool air begins pumping, we leave without a sign of ever being there. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 



Air ducts behind furnace

Our team isn’t full of hot air, we are full of solutions.

From deep-cleaning ducts and dryer vents to using only the best air filtration and ventilation products, we’ve got you covered.

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Inhale deeply, and release your worries to us. The best air quality comes from working with a quality company. Book a service call or learn more about the many solutions we have for you.