What Does ‘Home Comfort’ Actually Mean?

comfotable living room

Home comfort is important to your overall happiness and health—both physical and financial.  Creating the ideal indoor environment includes several factors: air temperature, humidity and air quality. Read on to learn how these elements work together to optimize your home’s comfort level. Temperature Heating and Cooling The average homeowner spends a lot of money on […]

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Why Is My Heating Bill So Much Higher This Winter?

Home energy cost

Many of the factors behind home energy costs in Ontario are beyond our control. Natural gas and electricity are commodities, after all, and the rates change quarterly with supply and demand. That said, if you’ve found your heating bills unexpectedly high this winter, the problem could be closer to home. A sharp increase in the […]

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Tankless Water Heaters: What are They and Why are They Better?

tankless water heaters what are they and why are they better

Your water heater is likely tucked away in a closet or deep in the depths of your basement. Out of sight, out of mind. But what if we told you that a tankless water heater is a space-saving, energy-reducing, water-conserving alternative that can provide endless amounts of hot water throughout your home?   These facts might just make you give your water heater a second look.  […]

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4 Troubling Things People Discover in Their Air Ducts

Man looking at a screen showing a camera feed inside an air duct.

What’s in your ducts? Well, there’s bound to be dust – that’s a given. A light amount of ordinary household dust in the air is no cause for concern. However, that isn’t the only thing people have discovered hiding in air ducts.   Ductwork can play host to numerous airborne contaminants. Not all are harmful, but […]

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5 Stress-free Ways to be a Better Holiday Host

Stress-Free Ways to Be a Better Holiday Host

As the holidays approach, your calendar may be filling up fast. All the Christmas-shopping and gift-wrapping can leave you with little time to prepare for holiday hosting. There are many ways to be a great host, but we’ve created a list of things you may have overlooked in planning a safe, comfortable, and above-all memorable […]

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