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Drain Cleaning & Repair Oakville

24-hour service for residential sewer backups, flooded basements, and clogged drains near you.

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Our Home Drain Services

Water won’t drain? We’re on it.

Whether it’s a flushed toilet that’s turned into a flooded basement, a clogged drain that’s out of control or a middle-of-the-night sewer backup that won’t stop, AtlasCare is there with 24/7 drain service.

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When to Call the Experts for Drain Clearing?

It may just seem like a little bit of water, but that sewage seeping into your basement could  turn into an emergency or, worse yet, a health hazard in no time.

If you notice any of the following signs from drains in your home, it may be time to call for a local drain service from AtlasCare.

  • Sewage coming out of the ground or floor drain.
  • Water coming out of floor drain.
  • Flooded basement.
  • Clogged drains you can’t clear with household solutions.
  • Sink won’t drain, or drains very slowly.
  • Damp or sewage smell in basement, or from basement drains.
  • Toilet bubbling or gurgling after using shower.

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Drain Camera Inspections

Notice problems with your drains & pipes at home, but not sure if it’s an emergency like a sewer backup?

No problem: the drain experts at AtlasCare will take a look for you using our camera & iPad, so you can see exactly what’s plugging up your pipes and if you’ll need expert service to clear it up.

FAQs About Drains

Why does my floor drain smell?

The most likely cause of a smelly floor drain is an issue with the P-trap, a u-shaped pipe underneath the drain that – ironically enough – is designed to prevent strange smells and insects living in the sewers from reaching your home.

Pour a couple gallons of water down there with a little vinegar. If that doesn’t work, call the drain experts at AtlasCare.

Why does my sink drain slowly?

A slowly draining sink might be caused by a few different issues, but just about all of them point to a problem with your home’s drain and drainage system.

It could just be a stubborn clog, but it could also be something more serious, like a main drain backup, possibly from branches or a broken pipe.

Contact us for a drain camera inspection and find out what’s causing your clog.

What is the risk of leaving sewage in my home?

To put it bluntly, does a porta-potty sound like a healthy place to make a home?

Leaving sewage from a backup untreated can be extremely hazardous for your health.

If you’ve had a sewer backup, call the Oakville drain experts at AtlasCare.

Why does my toilet bubble and gurgle after a shower?

A toilet that bubbles and gurgles after a shower is most likely caused by a clogged drain.

As with a slowly draining sink, the cause and size of the clog may vary from simple and DIY to a call-an-expert-ASAP potential emergency.

If you’ve been experiencing a gurgling toilet, call AtlasCare.

Can I have a camera sent down my home’s drain?

Yep! AtlasCare offers drain camera inspection services to help you find out what could be plugging up your pipes.

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How does a backwater valve work?

A backwater valve is a retrofitted device that’s installed on the main drain at the front of your home underground.

After a heavy rainfall, sewer lines can overflow causing water and sewage to flow back towards your home. By being proactive and having backwater valve installed, you can ensure your home is properly equipped.

Do I need a sump pump? What do sump pumps do?

If your house is susceptible to floods, a sump pump is extremely handy equipment to have installed.

A sump pump is designed to help keep your basement dry and prevent it from flooding from incidents such as a heavy rainfall.

They are typically installed in specially constructed “sump pits”; water will flow into these pits and the sump pump will pump it back out.

I have discoloured cracks in my walls that leak. What should I do?

Call the local pros at AtlasCare for waterproofing & foundation repair services. We’ll fix up the cracks & ensure a leak doesn’t occur in the walls again.

Your Local Drain Experts, On Call 24/7

From drain inspections to middle-of-the-night emergency flooding service, AtlasCare is there.

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