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Kitec Plumbing Services & Replacement Oakville

Does Your Home Have Kitec Plumbing?

Between 1995 and 2007, Kitec plumbing was used by builders across Canada and the United States because it was low in cost, easy to install, and corrosion-free. While this was all believed to be true at the time, it was later found that Kitec plumbing could burst under certain conditions, causing flooding in both homes and apartments. As a result, a settlement was reached in 2011 in a North American class-action lawsuit be-tween the courts and Kitec, allowing for homeowners to gain a reimbursement when replacing Kitec plumbing. Unfortunately, this reimbursement program is no longer available to homeowners in 2020, who have previously not filed a claim.

How do you know if you have Kitec piping in your home? The first clue is if your home was built or extensively renovated between 1995 and 2007. Secondly, Kitec plastic pip-ing was known for its bright colours; blue for cold water piping and bright orange for hot water piping. Kitec plumbing can also be identified by examining the pipe itself, as all products were clearly labelled with the Kitec branding. Kitec sold these products un-der its own name, as well as Kitec XPA, AmbioComfort, IPEX AQUA, KERR Controls, Plomberie Amelioree, PlumbBetter, WarmRite and XPA. If you are looking to identify if Kitec was used in your home, look near the water heater or in the furnace room where the water pipes enter the wall. Additionally, you could look under the sink where the piping is typically exposed. If you are unsure, an AtlasCare licensed plumber in Oakville can help you verify if Kitec plumbing exists in your home.

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Kitec Plumbing Services Oakville

The risk of ongoing deterioration is still present, and you could experience a burst pipe at any time, resulting in a flood and all of the disruption to your life that this would put you through. An equally important reason is that not replacing the pipe could seriously devalue your home when you choose to sell it. Since 2016, the Ontario Real Estate As-sociation requires Kitec plumbing to be identified on Property Information Statements and Residential Information Checklists. Failure to do so can invalidate the sale of the property and expose you to a lawsuit.

AtlasCare’s expert plumbers have been in the plumbing business for over 25 years and specialize in preventing plumbing issues from occurring. Our team is experienced in the removal of Kitec pipes and in replacing them with proven piping products that will preserve the value of your home for years to come. Prevent a plumbing emergency from impacting your family and your home.