FAQ – AtlasCare


How long will the sales rep need to be in my home?
This changes depending on the type of call/sales rep. On average expect 1 – 1.5 hours.

When can you install?
Sales rep will be able to advise after assessing scope of work – currently AtlasCare is booking same or next day installations.

I have already purchased the equipment and just need a company to install it. Can you help?
No, we only install products supplied by AtlasCare.

I want residential equipment (i.e. a ductless) installed in my store/restaurant/condo, can you help?
No, we don’t do any work in commercial buildings (regardless of their square footage).

I just paid for a diagnostic/repair, will that be credited back towards a new unit?
Typically we’ll refund the diagnostic or a portion of the repair but it depends on the scope of work required for replacement. The sales rep will be able to advise when he/she is at your home. I will be sure to let them know your current situation.