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Leave dryer vent lint at the door, by knocking on ours.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Oakville

Has your dryer become a fire hazard? Ask the tough questions and let us help.

We love the smell and feel of fresh laundry, that is until it starts to smell like burnt lint instead. Never let your clogged dryer vent be the cause of you questioning your outfit choices, or cause you to worry!

Dryer lint that has built up in your dryer over time that you can’t see is a major cause of house fires. A single spark can instantly leave you homeless. While cleaning the lint trap helps to reduce the amount of lint in the dryer, we are concerned about what you can’t see. That’s right, hidden in your dryer vents and ducts is lint that not only reduces airflow, but it causes the dryer to reach temperatures it was just not built for.

While some vacuum cleaners may have attachments that can help clear dryer vents of lint that is clogging the dryer vent, they aren’t designed to do the job. Don’t worry, our AtlasCare technicians are! We bring with us the proper equipment to ensure that any dryer lint that is hiding out is cleaned up completely, leaving your vents safe again.

Keeping homes lint free from the very beginning.

We have the clothes on your back covered, literally. So go ahead and do laundry while enjoying the process! Fill out the form, give us a call, and see how quickly AtlasCare can help.

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Why should you have your dryer vents cleaned annually? There are amazing benefits of course!

1.) Clothes dry faster! Don’t worry about having to run several cycles to dry your clothes. When vents are clean and clear, your dryer can do it’s best work.

2.) Save energy! As your dryer works more efficiently, less energy is used. Why waste extra resources and money on something that our team can fix?

3.) Safety and peace of mind. Your home is a place of refuge for your family, and somewhere you should feel as safe as possible. Regular cleaning of your dryer vents reduces the risk of built-up lint causing a fire!