How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter

How often should you change your furnace filter?

How often should you change your furnace filter? Maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home often depends on seemingly insignificant details, such as our furnace filter. It’s easy to overlook, but the question remains: How frequently should you replace your furnace filter? Believe it or not, the answer is not one-size-fits-all; it is dependent on a […]Read More
How long does a furnace last Ontario

How Long Does a Furnace Last in Ontario?

How Long Does a Furnace Last in Ontario? Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities, your furnace being one of them. Living in Ontario means that you are subject to the province’s often significant temperature drops and cold snaps in the winter months, which for the unsuspecting resident who has failed to winterize […]Read More

How does a heat pump work in winter

How Does A Heat Pump Work In Winter The heating system in any home is essential and plays a crucial role in keeping a family’s home all across the Greater Toronto Area. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a new unit, you may be looking into whether heat pumps have the ability to warm […]Read More

Heat pump vs air conditioning

Heat Pump Vs Air Conditioning By now, if you’ve been looking into installing a heat pump in your home, you’ve probably heard that these innovative HVAC systems provide heating to homes and cooling solutions during the summer. But what about air conditioning systems? Why would you opt for a heat pump instead? We recognize that […]Read More

Are heat pumps energy efficient

Are Heat Pumps Energy Efficient With the cost of living increasing, and as homeowners ourselves, we understand how important it is to save money throughout the year, which is why we’re often asked whether heat pumps are energy efficient.  So, if you want to learn more about if heat pumps are an energy-efficient solution for […]Read More

Are heat pumps worth it in Canada

Are Heat Pumps Worth It In Canada Home heating systems come in all different shapes and sizes. However, one that continues to grow in popularity is heat pumps. But are heat pumps really worth it in Canada? Well, we’re going to be discussing just that throughout our post. So, if you want to learn more […]Read More

What is a heat pump and how does it work

What Is A Heat Pump And How Does It Work As a certified HVAC company operating across Toronto and the greater surrounding areas, including Brampton, Scarborough, Burlington, and more, we often receive questions from homeowners in search of a new heating system. And because these regions experience mild climates, our certified HVAC technicians regularly recommend […]Read More
7 Signs You Need a New Furnace Now

7 Signs You Need a New Furnace Now

Know When It’s Time to Let Go of Your Old Home Furnace Homeowner pop quiz: what are the signs to look for when your aging furnace has reached the end of its life? Is it obvious–like when it stops suddenly one cold winter day and no longer has a heartbeat? Or can it be more […]Read More
Supply Chain Scarcity: What If I Need to Buy a New Furnace?

Supply Chain Scarcity: What If I Need A New Furnace

We can thank the pandemic for supply chain issues in Canada, including laptop and car shortages—oh, and bathroom tissue!    With scarcity like this, what to do if your family needs to buy a new furnace? Could a Canadian family really go the entire winter without heat?      Supplies Are Very Limited This Season, Get Your New Furnace Now!  A “wait-and-see” approach may not work well if your family needs a new furnace this season.  Rising energy costs have […]Read More
Benefits of an HVAC Protection Plan

Who Needs a Protection Plan, Anyway?

We thought we would skip the furnace protection plan, my husband and I, when we purchased our first home.  We were young and poor, we thought.  What could happen, we thought? What happened, exactly, was the need to replace the most expensive part of our furnace—out of pocket. The furnace guy seemed sorry to have to charge us—but was quick to point out […]Read More
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the Home: Why Your Older Furnace May Be a Health Risk

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the Home

Why Your Older Furnace May Be a Health Risk If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning or a leak from your furnace, evacuate everyone from your home immediately.  Then contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service.  A technician came by my home to examine my furnace for a carbon monoxide leak.“Having a CO leak, that puts you and your family at […]Read More
Why Buying a Furnace Is Better Than Renting a Furnace

Why Buying A Furnace Is Better Than Renting A Furnace

To buy a furnace or to rent a furnace?   A technician comes to your house and gives you the news no homeowner ever wants to hear: the furnace is on its last legs, or even worse, broken.  Once the shock sets in, you ponder that replacing that older furnace could be in your near future.  With the fall and winter […]Read More
Technician Setting Thermostat

Smart Thermostats: Your HVAC Personal Assistant

A smart thermostat is not just another name for a programmable or wi-fi thermostat, although it is programmable and does connect to the wi-fi. No, a smart thermostat goes above and beyond, like a personal assistant dedicated to your home’s comfort levels and HVAC-related energy savings. Is a smart thermostat the right solution for you? […]Read More
elderly couple reading

Goodbye Heat Loss, Hello Energy Efficiency!

“It’s cold out” season is officially here—but that specific time of year isn’t one that has to exist inside of your home. At AtlasCare, we can help you make sure your home is a warm oasis for you to escape the cold and slush that’s synonymous with living in Southern Ontario. We’re here for you […]Read More
woman lying in bed in a noisy house.

Is Your Furnace Making Noise?

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in December 2019, governments and organizations have been shutting down businesses and calling for individuals to stay at home. Like many other Canadians, you may have begun practicing social distancing and self-isolation to avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus and spreading […]Read More

Running Your Furnace on ‘Auto’ or ‘On’ this Winter?

Setting the thermostat is always a bit of a balancing act. On one hand, you want to keep your home cozy and comfortable as possible…but you’re well aware of the cost of heating your home, and you’re not one to spend frivolously! You might’ve wondered whether it’s better to use the ‘Auto’ or ‘On’ setting […]Read More

How To Save Money With A Simple Plumbing Check

When was the last time you called a plumber? If you’re anything like most people, it was probably when you needed some plumbing work done in your home. The majority of our plumbing calls come from customers who need a specific repair or upgrade (ideally as soon as possible.) But isn’t that the only reason […]Read More

5 Easy Ways To Warm Up Your Home This Winter

Once the calendar flips from October to November, life starts to get busy ‒ fast. There’ll be presents to wrap, gatherings to attend, dinners to fact, things probably won’t slow back down until next year! Read More

Why is a Frost-Free Hose Bib Necessary In Canadian Homes?

As the weather starts to change and the temperature drops, you’ve probably already started preparing for the long winter season. You know there’s a lot to do around the home this season, but one area you might overlook is your hose bib ‒ or, as many people call it, your outdoor faucet. During the summer, you might use your hose bib to water the garden, wash your car, or even hook up the sprinkler for your kids. When the warm season comes to a close, you pack away the hose, shut off the valve and move onto something else. But what about the water that’s still sitting in the pipe? Even if you purge the line, you could still end up with costly water damage if you don’t have a frost-free hose bib.Read More

Benefits of a Humidifier for Your Furnace (Especially in Winter)

We want to help you understand the importance of having a furnace humidifier and how installing one can ensure everyone stays nice and cozy this winter! Read More

How To Know If Your Sump Pump Is Working Properly

We know how easy it is to let your home’s plumbing fall by the wayside, especially when everything seems to be flowing smoothly. But it’s quite important to have your plumbing system checked every now and then, even when nothing appears to be wrong. That’s especially true of your sump pump. You might not use […]Read More

Must-Know Facts About Kitec Plumbing: Recall, Lawsuit & Repair Costs

After January 9, 2020, you can no longer get compensation for the cost of replacing defective Kitec plumbing. You will have to pay out of pocket, which could easily amount to several thousand dollars down the drain. But there is still time to make sure you get reimbursed for having these faulty pipes removed from […]Read More

How A Backwater Valve Protects Your Home From Sewer Backups.

Sewer backup is one of the last things you ever want to happen to your home. It’s nauseating just to imagine. But sewer backups do happen…and truth be told, they’re happening more and more frequently in our neck of the woods. Fortunately, you can greatly reduce the risk of a sanitary sewer backup in your […]Read More

AtlasCare Announced Title Sponsor of Golf Fore MS Peel-Dufferin

September might just be our favourite month of the year. Granted, it marks the bittersweet end of the summer season (and the start of six to eight months of cruel weather.) But it also brings us one of the single most anticipated events on the AtlasCare calendar: the annual Golf Fore MS Classic. This year’s […]Read More

Furnace: What Happens When Your Home Is Under Construction

Construction is, by nature, a messy process. You can’t build a house without making some dust. Not to mention sawdust, drywall dust, paint fumes, glue vapour…and all sorts of airborne particles you wouldn’t ever want to breathe in What you might not know that it isn’t good for your HVAC equipment, either. We hope this […]Read More

Atlascare Giving Back To The Community

Since our start back in 1932, helping others has been an integral part of AtlasCare’s company culture. Whether it’s raising funds, spreading awareness or donating our time to a local cause, we’re always looking for ways to give something back to this community we call home. Sometimes, we all get together to contribute as a […]Read More

Why Your Home Insurance Might Not Cover Water Heater Damage

You know that home insurance is important. But are you completely certain that all your home’s systems are covered? In our previous blog on home insurance, you learned of the various kinds of water damage that are and are not covered under the standard home insurance policy in Ontario. There, we talked about damage caused […]Read More

Ontario Energy Rebates: Furnace And AC Rebates Available In 2019

Update: the provincial government has announced that the Save on Energy Heating and Cooling program is cancelled effective April 1st, 2019. We will leave the information in this post for reference and update this post as new rebates become available. Ontario homeowners upgrading their heating systems or air conditioners in 2019 may be eligible for […]Read More

Winter 2019 in Ontario — When Will It End?

Canadians across the country are eager for the cold temperatures and the consistent snowy weather of winter 2019 to come to an end. This winter has brought record snowfalls, freezing cold temperatures, damaging winds, and whiteout blizzard conditions to all parts of Ontario. KEEP WARM THIS WINTER A polar vortex brought weeks of extreme cold […]Read More

What Happens When Your Furnace is Red Tagged in Ontario

It’s even worse than you thought. You knew this could end in a big repair bill – it’s never a good sign when your furnace starts failing in the middle of January. You were even prepared to go without heat for a day while the service tech made the repairs. But you never expected they […]Read More

Reasons You Should Never Buy HVAC Parts & Equipment Online

When it comes to big purchases, how often do you check to see if you can find the item cheaper online? Nowadays, it’s practically second nature to look up prices on the Internet before we buy. There are dozens of apps and websites dedicated to helping us do just that. In many ways, the Internet […]Read More

Time To Get A Furnace Tune-Up | Q&A

There’s no bad time to get your furnace inspected—ideally though before any cold weather hits. It is good idea to do it AFTER a season of use, since much of the maintenance is based on what the homeowner notices while using it. You’ll have plenty of time to get any repairs done or replace it […]Read More

What Does ‘Home Comfort’ Actually Mean?

Home comfort is important to your overall happiness and health—both physical and financial. Creating the ideal indoor environment includes several factors: air temperature, humidity and air quality. Read on to learn how these elements work together to optimize your home’s comfort level. Temperature Heating and Cooling The average homeowner spends a lot of money on […]Read More

Why Is My Heating Bill So Much Higher This Winter?

Many of the factors behind home energy costs in Ontario are beyond our control. Natural gas and electricity are commodities, after all, and the rates change quarterly with supply and demand. That said, if you’ve found your heating bills unexpectedly high this winter, the problem could be closer to home. A sharp increase in the […]Read More

Make Your Home Warmer Without Touching The Thermostat

We all know about the thermostat war – dad refuses to let anyone touch the thermostat. Children want the heat higher, so they can wear shorts inside during winter. No one wins. Although there may have to be compromise – probably on the shorts, we can help with a few ways to make your house […]Read More

Clever Ways To Keep Warm When Your Furnace Breaks Down

As the months get colder, the need for warmth rises. But what happens if your furnace breaks down? Before you can get it fixed, are you just expected to deal with the cold? No, you are not! Thankfully, there are many ways to keep warm even without a furnace. Run down this list of ten […]Read More

Heating Facts You May Not Know

Sometimes, we take for granted just how big a role heating technology plays in our lives. At this time of year, just about every building in the country has a furnace working behind the scenes to keep its inhabitants comfortable. There’s a good chance you’re enjoying the benefits of home heating right now! Here are […]Read More

What Everyone Should Know About Renting a Furnace in Ontario

When we ask our customers why they decided to rent a furnace, they usually reply with one of two answers: The low monthly cost of renting a furnace seemed more affordable than buying one up front. Since the rental cost covered any potential repairs, renting a furnace gave them cost certainty and peace of mind. […]Read More

Things To Do Before Turning On The Furnace This Winter

Natural gas furnaces are commonplace here in the Greater Toronto Area. With proper care and maintenance, these heating systems are clean, efficient, and perfectly safe. Regardless, there are steps you should take now to ensure your family is safe and warm when the temperature falls. Here are 5 things we recommend you do before turning […]Read More

10 No-Nonsense Ways to Reduce Heating Costs in Ontario

Another Thanksgiving Day is now behind us and that means another Ontario winter is on the horizon. It’s time to start thinking about how we will keep our homes warm for the winter without busting our budget. Fortunately, there are a number of things we can do to effectively accomplish that goal. Turn Your Thermostat […]Read More

What You Should Know Before Buying a Boiler

Late winter or early spring is a perfect time to upgrade your home heating system! The cold weather is fresh on your mind, and since there’s no rush, you can take your time to decide which unit is best for you. If your old boiler is on its last legs, now’s the time to replace […]Read More

5 Furnace Mistakes That Could Cost You

A furnace is a tricky piece of equipment. Most people can tell when something goes wrong, but they don’t always know how it works ‘under the hood’. Unfortunately, there are many common misconceptions about furnaces, and some can lead to inconvenient (and costly) trouble for homeowners. Don’t be fooled — if you’re not careful, these […]Read More

5 Ecobee Smart Thermostat Features You’re Missing Out On

Time flies! It seems like just yesterday that we first got our hands on the ecobee3 smart thermostat. Now, the Toronto-based company behind the ingenious technology is rolling out the ecobee4 in Canada. This next-generation device improves on its predecessors and comes fully-equipped with Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa. If you haven’t seen an ecobee smart […]Read More

Furnace Safety: 6 Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

There’s nothing worse than your furnace dying in the dead of winter. Very few furnaces up and quit after only a few years; most provide warning signs that trouble is ahead. As a homeowner, it’s your job to spot these signs and take action. Here are six furnace safety warning signs that you should never […]Read More

Still Cold? 4 Overlooked Areas That May Need Weatherproofing

Having an energy-efficient home is a priority for many Canadians these days. An increasing number of homeowners are choosing eco-friendly dwellings. Whether old or new, all homes require a careful annual inspection to identify spots that could use some extra attention in wintertime. Almost everyone thinks to check around doors and windows, but here are […]Read More

How to Protect Your Home from The Next Big Freeze

Last December ended with some of the coldest local temperatures on record and that trend carried right on into the new year. It was certainly the sort of weather that made you grateful for a warm and cozy home! In case history repeats itself, here are a few preventative steps that will help protect your […]Read More

What is a Heat Pump and Its Benefits for Homes?

All homeowners strive to find the home comfort system that will best serve their needs year-round, while also fitting within their energy budget. Most Canadians rely on air conditioning during the warmer months and a furnace when it gets cold outside. Wouldn’t it be great to have a device that does both? Heat pumps offer […]Read More

The Future of Heating Your Home

One inevitability in life is the continued advancement of technology. So many of the things we take for granted every day would have seemed like science fiction at the turn of the century. These changes extend into almost every aspect of our lives, including our home comfort systems. Here are some of the ways in […]Read More

5 Products to Turn Your Home Smart!

By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz about technology that can turn your home ‘smart’. But what is it that makes these devices so smart? A smart home device is one you can control with a remote, smartphone, tablet or even your own voice. Wireless connectivity has become a feature in everything from appliances to […]Read More

How To Know When It’s Time For A New Furnace

A furnace is the heart of your home heating system. You want it running with full efficiency, especially as we head into the coldest months of the season. However, when a furnace starts acting up, it may not be obvious whether it’s a question of repairing or replacing it with a new furnace. Your best […]Read More

No Heat? What to Check Before You Call

High on the list of the worst things that can happen in winter is having no heat. This is especially so in Canada, where our winter season is so cold, a house can become frigid in almost no time. Let’s say the awful has indeed happened: your furnace has conked out, leaving you with no heat. […]Read More

7 Ways to Get the House Ready For Winter’s Cold

Winter is on the way. By now, you have already cleaned up the yard, prepared the outside of your home, and made arrangements to swap out your all-seasons for snow tires. However, have you thought about what you still need to do inside your home this time of year? Here are seven ways to get […]Read More

8 Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Whether we want to admit it or not, fall is just around the corner and now is a perfect time to think about how to prevent the cold from creeping through our home…and wallets! Take the time to inspect your entire house and ensure there aren’t any major concerns before you begin winter-proofing your home. […]Read More

Energy Changes on the Horizon

Much is being reported in the press these days about the rising cost of energy. There is talk about renewable energy versus fossil fuel versus nuclear generated electricity; the merits of electricity versus natural gas and electric vehicles versus combustion engines. Don’t forget climate change and carbon reduction. There are a lot of “versus” on […]Read More

Heat Pumps – The Best of Both Worlds

Much has been said in the debate about electricity versus natural gas. The present government’s position is that they would like to get rid of natural gas. I don’t know when Ontario will drop natural gas, if ever, but it begs the question of which fuel you should use. After much consideration of the pros […]Read More

Rental Water Heaters: Challenging the Status Quo

Most HVAC appliances are now very efficient, and water heaters remain the last bastion of opportunity for energy improvement. We are seeing high efficiency water tanks and even heat pump water heaters enter the market. I have one in my home. The big challenge in this area is rental programs: owners of big water heater […]Read More

More Control = More Comfort

One of the big revolutions in the HVAC industry is around thermostats and controls in general.   The old round or rectangular thermostat with two switches and a mercury bulb are real dinosaurs. In fact, they’re being changed out with such volume that we have an industry recycling program to recover the mercury from old […]Read More

Demystifying Duct Cleaning

Over the past couple of years, it has been a rare day when I have not received a phone call at dinner time from an overseas telemarketer trying to sell me duct cleaning, despite the best efforts of our government to establish do not call lists and issuing penalties for violators. In January 2013 CBC […]Read More

Helping Customers Escape Costly Water Heater Rentals

In our last issue of An Engineer’s Opinion, I announced that we were entering the water heater business with a new rent-to-own product. I also outlined some of the benefits of this type of product vs. renting for life. About half of the water heaters we installed over the summer were rent-to-own and the other […]Read More

Rental Furnaces and Air Conditioners

The whole issue of renting furnaces and air conditioners has been getting a lot of attention lately – largely for the wrong reasons. One reason why so many companies, including the big water heater monopolies, have gotten into renting furnaces and air conditioners is that they made so much money renting water heaters. While the […]Read More

Why Replace a Furnace and Air Conditioner Together?

I recently had to buy a new car, not because I wanted to but because my last one was stolen (that’s a story for another day). I decided to get the same model as one I had owned 10 years ago. The car was essentially the same in look and feel but was totally different […]Read More

Water heaters – rent or purchase?

As most of you are aware, there has been great upheaval in the water heater business. You have been besieged by unscrupulous door to door salespeople pretending to be utilities wanting to give you a “free” upgrade to your water heater. It got so bad at one point that the Ontario government enacted special legislation […]Read More

Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vents

It is hard to believe, but AtlasCare has been in the duct cleaning business for more than five years now. We got into the business in response to many requests from customers who were tired of being hounded by relentless telemarketers and wanted to have their ducts cleaned by someone they could trust. We took […]Read More

Carbon Monoxide. Danger Can Lurk In Your Furnace.

You’ve probably seen it in the news. The silent killer, carbon monoxide strikes again. Carbon Monoxide or CO often comes from heating appliances in your home such as your furnace, boiler or water heater. That’s why it’s worth it to have you heating system serviced annually to ensure safe operation for your family. Carbon monoxide […]Read More

9 Ways to Keep Your Home Toasty in Winter

  AtlasCare’s Dick Thomas, Vice President of Operations, was recently interviewed for by Walmart Canada’s Live Better Magazine, about saving heating costs during the cold months of winter.  We are honoured that Walmart thought so highly of our expertise in the Heating and Cooling industry and we are pleased to share this article with you […]Read More