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What size furnace do I need?

For a home to be both warm and efficient, choosing a suitable furnace size is crucial. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “What size furnace do I need?” You’re not alone! It’s essential to carry out an accurate furnace sizing calculation correctly to guarantee long-term cost savings as well as comfort. So how do you […]

Do you need a furnace with a heat pump?

Do you need a furnace with a heat pump? For many homeowners, the energy-efficiency rating of their home’s heating system is essential. Both a furnace and heat pump are popular HVAC system choices amongst homeowners. Each offers their own benefits and of course, have their own drawbacks. So, how do you choose between the two? […]

Can you add a humidifier to an existing furnace?

Can you add humidifier to an existing furnace? When winter has arrived, indoor humidity levels will be low, and the air will be drier. If you’re looking to boost the comfort of your home during the colder months, you might be wondering if you can add a humidifier to your existing furnace. The good news […]