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Be Cool and Save with AtlasCare!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s finally summer! This means packing away those winter jackets, opening your windows and enjoying some long-awaited summer weather! This also means those blazing hot days of summer are coming in fast, and we want to make sure your family can keep cool, comfortable, and safe all summer long!

What a lot of people don’t realize is air conditioners can be vulnerable to damage from power surges, startups after a blackout, transients, and more. These unexpected occurrences have the power to damage crucial components in your air conditioner if not protected, not only leaving your home hot and uncomfortable, but it could impact your overall health if you suffer from respiratory issues.

We don’t want you to experience any discomfort, so we have a special offering that will help keep you cool through any power surge. If you purchase a new air conditioner, we will include a FREE Mars Surge Protector with each installation. Want to hear something better? If you purchase any Lennox Air Conditioner model by June 12th, you can qualify for rebates up to $1,400!

Are you looking to replace your furnace as well? If so, good news, we’ll also include a free Mars Surge Protector for your furnace, too! That’s your hot and cold air and the comfort in your home fully covered!

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