Free Plumbing Inspection

We have a special offer for you to welcome you to AtlasCare!

Did you know that here at AtlasCare we do much more than just working with Heating and Cooling systems? We also have certified Plumbers on our team available to help you!

To thank you for your recent service, and to introduce you to some of these other great services we provide, we’d like to offer you a FREE plumbing inspection!

What to Expect in a Plumbing Inspection

  • Check to see if the overflow on your toilet is set properly – to help control water bills.
  • Check all fixtures, shut off valves, and supply lines – to ensure all are in good condition. We will shut off the water if required.
  • Check your home’s water supply piping – to ensure Kitec piping is non-existent.
  • Check for silent water waste, using a die tablet in the toilet tank – to perform a visual check of all home fixtures.
  • Check your homes fixtures – to ensure the proper water temperature is coming through.
  • And much more!

As a special added bonus: receive up to 25% off any plumbing services rendered during your FREE plumbing inspection visit!

Book Your Free Plumbing Inspection Now!

We don’t mess around. Our team is ready to help your home systems work as they should, and continue to! Fill out the form or give us a call, and put your trust in AtlasCare.

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