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Helping you achieve the perfect humidification balance

Air Humidifiers

In most parts of Canada, the ideal indoor humidity levels are 35% in the winter and 50% or lower In the summer. Higher levels can promote the growth of mould, dust mites, and bacteria, while dry air can aggravate respiratory problems and cause dry, cracked skin. Managing humidity is also essential for proper care of hardwood floors, furniture, artwork, and wood instruments.

As part of our mission to ensure your complete home comfort, AtlasCare provides humidifier service and repair in Toronto and across the GTA.

Furnace Humidifiers or Power Humidifiers

The most convenient way to control the humidity levels inside your home is with a furnace humidifier (also called a Power Humidifier). Furnace humidifiers use water tanks to disperse just enough moisture into the air to alleviate dry air while ensuring the humidity remains below the desired level. Maintaining optimal humidity will preserve your family’s comfort while discouraging the spread of allergens in your home.

Our first choice of furnace humidifier is the energy-efficient GeneralAire® Legacy, a line of whole-house humidifiers that run whisper-quiet and require minimal maintenance. Whole-house humidifiers eliminate the need for multiple humidifiers throughout the home. Unlike stand-alone humidifiers, you will not have to refill the reservoir or check the unit regularly, making humidity one less thing you need to think about.

Humidifier Service and Repair

Keeping your humidifier in top working condition requires proper care and maintenance from a qualified technician. AtlasCare offers first-class service for all types of humidifiers to ensure your unit continues to be as energy-efficient and whisper-quiet as the day it was installed.

Our expertise includes:

  • Drum Style Humidifiers With Water Tanks
  • Flow Through Style Humidifiers
  • Fan Assisted Humidifiers
  • Steam Humidifiers
  • Stand-Alone Whole Home Humidifiers