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Sudden breakdowns are not only inconvenient (especially when it’s really cold), but can mean expensive furnace repairs. The best way to guard against these unexpected costs is our AtlasCare Service Program.

At AtlasCare, we care for your heating and cooling system as though it is our own. We conduct preventative maintenance to fix potential problems before they lead to an emergency furnace breakdown. Your family can enjoy the safety and security of a smooth-running forced air heating system all season long.

When it comes to furnace maintenance, you want to make sure your pipes, safety switches, venting, and flame sensing equipment are checked on an annual basis to ensure your forced air heating system is operating at peak performance. Your air conditioner and other heating and cooling equipment also requires yearly maintenance to perform at its best.

Having furnace maintenance and service conducted by AtlasCare each year is one of the safest things you can do for your family. Both of our Protection Plans include a visit from a qualified AtlasCare Home Comfort Specialist at least once a year to inspect your furnace, air conditioner, and other home comfort equipment.

A neglected furnace can put your family at considerable risk:

  • It could break down entirely and leave you in the cold.
  • A broken-down furnace could cause your home’s water pipes to freeze, costing you thousands of dollars in major renovations.
  • Poorly maintained piping could crack causing a dangerous carbon monoxide leak in your home.
  • Neglect creates more wear-and-tear on systems creating a significant risk of fire.
  • Contact us today for standard furnace service and maintenance or emergency furnace repairs.

Contact us today for standard furnace service and maintenance.

Precision Furnace Tune-up and Safety Check Includes:

  1. Check and clean furnace fan compartment.
  2. Check and adjust blower operation. Replace belt if required.
  3. Lubricate all moving parts.
  4. Wash or replace your standard 1” furnace filer.
  5. Check for air leakage in plenum and seal.
  6. Adjust plenum dampers as required.
  7. Disconnect drain and verify it is clear.
  8. Water test condensate pump.
  9. Check fuse/breaker and mark electrical panel.
  10. Check operation of thermostat and level.
  11. Check and calibrate heat anticipator in the thermostat.
  12. Inspect, clear and adjust orifices, burners, and gas valves.
  13. Visual inspection of the primary and secondary hear exchangers for stress and cracks.
  14. Check that there is an adequate source of combustion air to furnace.
  15. Adjust combustion air to burners.
  16. Check operation, settings of limit and fan controls.
  17. Clean and adjust pilot assembly/ignition module.
  18. Examine vent connection and exhaust venting system.
  19. Check chimney, clean out and remove debris.
  20. Check operation of exhaust ventor motor.
  21. Check gas piping to furnace.
  22. Check operation of elements and sequencers.
  23. Inspect neutralizer.
  24. Open humidifier bypass & turn on humidistat.
  25. Run test furnace.

Benefits of regular preventative maintenance:

Prolong the useful life of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

Minimize energy consumption up to 30% by having proper adjustments and regular cleanings each year.

Peace of mind for safe operation – Yearly inspections of your furnace and chimney venting, reduces the chances of exposing you and your family to poisonous gases (i.e. Carbon Monoxide).

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