Hydronic Heating

If your gas furnace suddenly breaks down, you may need to pay hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars for sudden repairs. AtlasCare offers 4 Hour Emergency Furnace Service, day or night. Whatever the problem, you can trust AtlasCare to provide the fastest emergency furnace service in the GTA!

Hydronic heating is one of the best but one of a more complicated way to heat your home. Expert service is usually needed to achieve optimal heating throughout the home. If your home uses hydronic heating, AtlasCare can help you service and maintain your equipment to extend its life. We can also install new heating products when your current hydronic heating equipment gets too old. AtlasCare’s techncians know how to develop an innovative solution that combines hydronic heating with forced air systems for air conditioning and air purifying. So you get a home comfort system that works effectively during any season. If you need radiator service or radiant floor system maintenance or installation, we can help.

Radiator Maintenance, Service & Repair

Hydronic radiators are an excellent solution for the heating needs of many homes. Warm water is pumped through the radiator, which in turn provides heat for your home. Radiators and boiler systems are actually a very energy efficient and economical way to keep your home warm. If you’re considering a new radiator or if your current radiator needs servicing or a tune-up, talk to AtlasCare today.

Radiant Floor Systems

Imagine getting out of bed every morning and placing your bare feet on a comfortably warm, heated floor. Radiant floor systems are a convenient, luxurious way to keep your home warm. Request a quote from AtlasCare for more information about our radiant floor system services, which include both service and installations. We offer Wirsbo systems from Uponor, the industry leader in radiant floor systems.

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