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Boiler Inspections

Annual inspections maintain the health and safety of your home.

Annual gas boiler inspections keep your home safe and free of dangerous carbon monoxide gas. AtlasCare offers annual boiler inspections to ensure your boiler is running properly. We want to make sure you are informed about what the requirements are and what we can do to help to keep your family healthy and safe.

Unsafe boilers must be repaired immediately or replaced. They often require the gas to be shut off to the house until safety is ensured. Two most common causes of an unsafe boiler are:

  • Improper maintenance: Boilers wear out over time. Cracks can develop, leaking carbon monoxide into your home.
  • Clogged venting: If the vents that carry the carbon monoxide outside your home are blocked, the gas will not be able to escape and may begin to leak into your home.

The Legal Requirements

Boiler Inspection is Required

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is the organization responsible for the safety standards of residential gas boilers in Toronto, Mississauga, and the rest of Ontario.

Under the TSSA’s guidelines, technicians are required by law to perform boiler inspections on natural draft boiler equipped with a draft hood with 300,000 BTUs of power or less. When a licensed technician enters a home with this kind of gas boiler between October 15th and May 15th, he or she must perform an inspection. The goal of the inspection is to ensure that proper steps are being taken to prevent injury due to carbon monoxide gas exposure. If the technician finds that the boiler does not meet boiler safety standards, the gas may be shut off. Again, this is a legal requirement.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Must Be Installed

Carbon monoxide is a hazardous gas. Your boiler creates it as a by-product of the heating process. Usually it is safely vented away from the home but if things go wrong, carbon monoxide levels in the home may become harmful. You are required as a homeowner, to install carbon monoxide alarms within hearing range of your sleeping area. This is to ensure that if a leak occurs, you and your family remain safe.

Your Boiler Must Be In Good Working Order

You are responsible to maintain the boiler to ensure that it does not begin producing too much carbon monoxide gas. Older boilers are particularly at risk of developing leaks or clogs. Boilers must be cleaned regularly to ensure that the carbon monoxide gas is being vented properly. The same is true of the vents that carry the gas outside your home.

Things to Remember about Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Install alarms on multiple floors.
  • Don’t install alarms within 10 feet of your furnace. They will not produce accurate results.
  • Install alarms close to every bedroom to ensure that everyone in the family is alerted.
  • Check the lifespan of your carbon monoxide detector. Replace when necessary.
  • Replace the batteries on your carbon monoxide alarms often. Do it when you replace the batteries of your smoke alarms.

How AtlasCare Can Help

Boiler inspections help to ensure that you are never in a situation where your gas must be shut off due to a carbon monoxide leak. The best way to ensure your boiler is safe is with an annual boiler inspection. Call AtlasCare at 905-829-1296 or 416-626-1785 to arrange your boiler inspection in the Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton or surrounding area.

Annual boiler inspections can prevent carbon monoxide leakage by determining which parts of the boiler need to be cleaned, replaced, or repaired. In addition to this, inspections can help maintain the efficiency of your boiler, saving you money over the long term.

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