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How much debris, dirt and grime, and who knows what else is inside your home? Much more than you may think!

In need of professional duct cleaning? AtlasCare is here. We offer total house duct cleaning to all Milton residents. Whether you recently moved into a new home or noticed a build-up of dirt and debris in your ducts, we can help. Using industry-leading cleaning equipment, we will make your ducts look like new again.


Is duct cleaning necessary in Milton?

Duct cleaning is not typically necessary in Milton or elsewhere, however, it does offer several benefits. Experts recommend cleaning your ducts every two to three years. Depending on the condition of your air ducts, you may be able to get away with cleaning them less frequently but there are also circumstances in which you may have to clean them more frequently. For example, if you own a pet or someone in your home has allergies or a respiratory illness, you should hire someone to clean your ducts regularly. Further, if you notice a major build-up of dirt and dust or you spot mould, this is likely a sign that your ducts need cleaning. Please note that duct cleaning is not a DIY task for homeowners. It is complex and requires industrial equipment. For these reasons, we urge all Milton homeowners to contact a professional like AtlasCare when in need of duct cleaning.

How often should home ductwork be cleaned?

Ductwork can usually be cleaned as needed. While some Milton homeowners may wish to clean their ducts every couple of years (the recommended average), others may choose to clean them annually. If you aren’t sure how often your home ductwork needs to be cleaned, get in touch with AtlasCare. An AtlasCare representative will be happy to answer your questions and offer their opinion on how frequently the ductwork in your home should be cleaned.

How do I know if my ductwork needs to be cleaned?

Common signs that your ductwork needs to be cleaned include if your energy bills have risen, the rooms inside your home range in temperature, or if your ducts have mould, pests, or a significant amount of dirt, dust, and debris.

What are the benefits of duct cleaning in Milton?

Milton homeowners may derive several benefits from regular duct cleanings. First and foremost, professional duct cleanings can make your HVAC system more energy-efficient, which can reduce the cost of your monthly utility bills. Second, this type of service can increase the lifespan of your HVAC system (oppositely, failing to clean dirty ducts can cause undue wear and tear, shortening the lifespan of your HVAC system). Lastly, duct cleaning can purify the air in your home by eliminating unwanted toxins, dirt, and dust. This can make a huge difference, especially for people with allergies or respiratory issues.

What are ducts in a house?

Ducts are a series of metal tubes (usually aluminum or galvanized steel) that connect the HVAC system in your home with its air vents. Your home’s HVAC system, whether it consists of central air conditioning, a furnace, or another type of unit, pulls air in and then heats or cools your home according to the thermostat’s direction.

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