Our Community – AtlasCare

Our Community

At AtlasCare, we are forever grateful for the support we get from thousands of homeowners in our community who use our services, and for the loyalty of our many employees as we help them to prosper and grow.

Supporting our neighbours is more than a gesture of thanks – we see giving back as a moral imperative. There are literally thousands of organizations, big and small, that have needs that are not being met. We can’t support them all, we know, but we do all that we can.

Our philanthropic energies are wrapped up under an umbrella we call Care to Share. Several important causes are part of this program, and we put major effort into areas that affect us – our owners and employees – very personally. One such case is Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that has impacted the Grochmal family, and that of employees as well. AtlasCare’s annual golf tournament has become a fall season favourite and an important part of the organization’s local fundraising.

We try to personalize our support to our employees who are engaged in the community. Whether it is coaching a sports team, helping youth, raising money for a walkathon or volunteering for a local cause, we encourage our staff to be involved and are proud to help them so they can make a difference.

Our Care to Share project invites our team and our community to nominate and support charities they care about, and we can help raise the profile of the work of organizations that few barely even know exists. We are fortunate to be able to provide badly needed funds to help some of them gain the foothold they need to become better established. We have even brought charitable organizations together to share ideas on how they all become more successful not only in raising fund but also in delivering services.


Finally, we have had the opportunity to employ people in our community who need a leg up, whether it be with Community Living or a Syrian refugee. They deserve the same opportunity to earn a living as the rest of us who sometimes take our good fortune for granted.

We deeply appreciated and care about our community.