At AtlasCare, our people and brand culture truly make us different than other heating and cooling companies.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose AtlasCare.

Our People Really Love What They Do

Each AtlasCare employee has a passion for their craft and takes pride in their job. Whether it’s a furnace repair, air conditioner installation or duct cleaning – our team gives their full attention and workmanship with every project. This love of the job is a part of the reason why many of our service technicians, sales staff and team members have been with AtlasCare for over 25 years.

Our People Are Local

Most of the AtlasCare team, including our service technicians, live all over the Greater Toronto Area. This means that our team is very familiar about the cities we service (Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville etc.) and knows the ins and outs of each area in order to provide our customers with the quickest service. Our primary Oakville location is convenient for our service technicians when they need to check in, pick up parts, and receive training. And for our customers, AtlasCare has a variety of local numbers so that you’re never making a long distance call to talk to us.

Quick & Reliable Service

AtlasCare develops custom installation kits. By having all of the parts packaged and separated by job, our Home Comfort Specialists have all the material on-hand to complete the task. There’s no need to leave your home to go get extra parts, so we can get the job done quickly. Plus, our service technicians are the ones who assemble each kit by hand – which helps to eliminate human error.

State-of-the-Art Training Facility & Custom Fabrication Centre

AtlasCare believes in continued learning for anyone on their team. Our state-of-the-art AtlasCare Training Centre is unlike anything else in the industry. The Training Centre features real world set-ups of furnaces, air conditioners, boilers and other clean air products that simulate the conditions in residential houses. This lets our technicians acquaint themselves with the latest HVAC systems by experimenting and practicing in our real world training environment. It’s also a place where senior technicians can mentor junior technicians. As well, technicians can troubleshoot a common problem or develop a unique solution for a particular product.

Our Training Centre is designed to make sure our technicians have the most in-depth, up-to-date knowledge and skills out of any other residential heating and cooling contractor in Canada. It also allows us to promise a perfect install, every time.

AtlasCare also has an on-site custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Centre. This is where we build sheet metal specifically designed to fit your home. If sheet metal is needed for your heating or cooling system, an AtlasCare Home Comfort Specialist will take a full set of sheet metal measurements complete with digital photos. They will then hand it to our fabricator who designs and manufactures the special fittings required to ensure optimum air flow to your system.

Determined to Serve You Best

AtlasCare is always striving to serve our customers to the highest of our ability and make our work environment a great one. We value our customers so much we give them the red carpet treatment! We use specialized handling equipment, drop sheets, surgical booties, and red carpet runners to ensure your home is well-protected during the installation.

We also arrive at your home when we say we will. Instead of your average 8 hour window service, AtlasCare can tell you within an hour when our Home Technicians will be there. We even offer a 4 hour Emergency Service to a variety of cities all across the GTA. In addition to this, we send an email with the designated Home Technician’s details, photo, etc. so you know exactly who is coming to your home. It’s just another way we care about your home and strive to give you a more comfortable experience.

If you’re not satisfied 100% with our service, AtlasCare will work to resolve the issue or refund our service call fee. We also provide a guarantee for our installations. AtlasCare will satisfy any material, workmanship issues or remove the installed equipment at our cost and refund the money.

Professional Standards & Active in the Local Community

We hold the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) Certification. In addition to being a Certified heating and cooling company, AtlasCare’s management and staff are proud to hold memberships with the following professional organizations:

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