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Your source for Air Conditioner Installation & Repair, Furnace Installation & Repair or Home HVAC services in Oakville and Surrounding Areas.

From system installation to all-night repairs at your service, AtlasCare is there with round-the-clock solutions for your furnace, air conditioning and plumbing problems.

  • Save with rebates and savings
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  • Save up to $1,000 on a new UV air purification system

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We’re your local Lennox dealer.

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Looking for Lennox home furnace & AC solutions? We’re here to help.

As a Lennox Certified dealer across the GTA, we’re your trusted service partner for installation, maintenance & repair of all Lennox-branded home comfort products.

Our techs know the ins & outs of these systems and are able to offer service at every level of need.

From product support to fixes for a non-functional AC or furnace to a fresh, full-service install – we’re your local partners for all things Lennox.

AtlasCare proudly serves the following areas.

24/7, we’re always there for your home comfort.

  • Oakville
  • Mississauga
  • Milton
  • Etobicoke
  • Hamilton & GHA
  • Toronto & GTA
  • Whitchurch-Stouffville




Save With AtlasCare

Take advantage of savings today! Plus, make no payments and pay no interest on your new system.

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Our Solutions

We know your home and how to keep it running smoothly. Whether you need help with your heating, cooling, plumbing, drains, or better air quality, count on our expert team, all day every day!


Whether your home is heated by a furnace, a boiler, or a fireplace, our AtlasCare team of experts will provide solutions that fit your specific needs.

If it’s time to upgrade your HVAC equipment to a new high-efficiency model, AtlasCare will deliver a fantastic experience that has a lasting impact on your family.

Enjoy your home comfort even more all winter long, with AtlasCare.

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It’s summer!

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and your home feels like the inside of a greenhouse. That doesn’t sound like a good time to us, and we are sure you are not enjoying yourself either.

Beat the heat, and call the AtlasCare cooling experts to bring cooling comfort to your home.

We work hard to provide cooling solutions for you and your family even on the hottest dog days of summer.

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Air Quality

You can breathe easy – AtlasCare has your back.

Air filtration, ventilation products, duct and dryer vent cleaning services: our HVAC experts are ready to diagnose the quality of your air and present solutions that will leave you feeling and breathing better air.

Preventative measures to help keep you and your family safer and healthier. AtlasCare is there, 24/7.

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Frozen pipes? Annoying leaks and drips that keep you up at night?

AtlasCare is your source for plumbing companies in the GTA, and we’re here to provide you with solutions that work.

With over 25 years of plumbing experience under our belt and a strong belief in the power of preventive maintenance, we get to the heart of the problem and provide you with the right solutions.

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AtlasCare plumber repairing sink piping


It’s amazing what a main drain camera inspection can do.

Most people don’t think about their sewers and main drains until they’re standing ankle-deep in a basement filled with dirty water.

By then, it’s too late; the damage is done.

To prevent the headache of clogged drains, overflowing toilets, and backed-up sewer lines, it’s important to have regular, preventive maintenance performed by a qualified AtlasCare sewer and drain specialist.

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Sewer Backup Oakville: Silver drain

Is this an emergency? Well stop reading and call us! Trust us, your schedule is our schedule and that’s the way we like it.


We’ve been here since 1932, and always will be!

Always there when you need us.

From the moment AtlasCare opened its doors, we’ve created a legacy. A live voice when you call, day or night. A team that is thrilled to help ensure your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems are operating safely and at peak efficiency. This is what we value and our culture shows that.

AtlasCare is a community of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, best friends, your neighbour down the street. Exceptional service remains at the core of who AtlasCare is. We are excited to see how the industry will change and progress, but will always remember our roots and where we came from all those years ago.

AtlasCare is the go-to HVAC service in Oakville. For years, we have been providing Oakville residents with quality HVAC solutions, from air conditioning installations and duct cleaning to furnace repairs and plumbing work. We are here for you, no matter your HVAC needs in Oakville.


This is a difficult question to answer as HVAC costs vary greatly. For example, the cost of replacing an air conditioning unit or a furnace will not be the same as the cost of installing a boiler or ductless mini-split system. Other factors beyond the type of HVAC system include whether you are repairing a unit or installing a new one, the extent of the damage to the unit (in the case of repairs), and the size of your home as well as its existing ductwork. To receive a quote on an HVAC service for your Oakville home, contact AtlasCare today.

The cost of central air conditioning in your Oakville home will ultimately depend on a variety of factors. Such factors include the size and layout of your home, the size of the air conditioning unit, and the existing ductwork in your home.

The cost of installing a new gas furnace or air conditioner in your Oakville home will depend on the size of your home, type of unit you buy, and the age and condition of your home’s ductwork. For your convenience, AtlasCare is pleased to offer same-day installation of furnaces and air conditioning units in Oakville.

For a house that is 1,500 square feet in size, you will require a furnace with an output of between 40,000 and 90,000 BTUs (British thermal units). These vary in cost so it’s best to do your research and choose a furnace that’s right for your home.

To purchase and install, air conditioning units and furnaces are very similar in price in Oakville. However, it’s not just the installation of the HVAC unit you must account for. Furnaces are largely considered to be more expensive to run than air conditioning units, simply because moving heat requires a lot more energy than cooling a home.

About the AtlasCare team


Here’s what our customers say…

Spencer S., Technician

Last week on Thursday, January 21st,  2 employees of AtlasCare, Spencer Selvaggi and Jacob installed a new furnace in my home.  I wanted to let you know what an incredible job both of your employees did.  They were professional, polite, efficient and after they left my home was as clean as it was before they got here.  They did a wonderful job and I was a very happy and satisfied customer after they left.

Thank you for such an easy and hassle-free experience from the service call, to the quote, to the installation.

Jennifer Nagowski -
Brendan H., Manager

I cannot say enough about everybody that helped me with this problem but have to especially mention Brendan because he took charge of the problem from the beginning and literally wouldn’t rest until the problem was solved.

In a time where customer service is a thing of the past – Your company is the exact opposite and you not only have a customer for life but a fan who will tell EVERYBODY about how great you are!

James Cunningham -
Kevin S., Manager

I found AtlasCare after discovering our condo complex (3 buildings) have Kitec plumbing, which had to be removed and replaced. I searched online for someone familiar with Kitec, and AtlasCare came up. I dealt with Kevin, and we ended up getting 40+ other condo owners onboard for AtlasCare to replace the plumbing. Kevin and his crew were very professional, were sensitive to the needs of individual owners, and did a great job for us. They are now about half-way through this project at our complex, and I am hearing nothing but good things about them from the other owners. I would highly recommend AtlasCare.

Carol Madigan -
Brandon M., Technician

Very pleased with the professional and courteous service we received. Quickly resolved our issue and got our heat back up and running again! Will definitely be joining their monthly maintenance program.

Janine De Rosie -
Headshot of Kyle Hutchison Kyle H., Technician

Kyle was respectful and professional during our work from home period. Quality of service, starting from ease of scheduling to the completed work is top notch. 5 stars!

Chris Jones -
Fraser H., Advisor

We have used Atlas for many years, they installed our AC back in 93 and have been doing the maintenance on it every year since and we have had no problems. They are well organized always polite and clean. Recently we had Atlascare install a new Lennox furnace and air conditioner and were pleased with how well the team of installers worked together, the furnace is quiet. What a great team from Fraser Hillis who came by and made recommendations on what product would work well in our house to the installation team of Mike, Mike and Christian who did the install, thanks.

R K -
Kavi D., Technician

Kavi Dayal made a service call to my daughter’s residence a few days ago to investigate a drip in the basement. We decided to leave this alone as it was not that serious and we are selling the house soon. We were impressed by Kavi so we had him come to our residence to replace a toilet that had not been used for quite a while. We had been putting this job off but after meeting Kavi, I asked him if he could look after this. Kavi was very friendly but also very professional and I would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs a plumber.

Scott & Linda Newlands -
Del Ligias headshot Del L., Technician

I called their emergency service on the weekend and they responded within minutes. The technician called me promptly and made every effort to address my problem with leaking water from the furnace. He gave me an idea of what the cost might be over the phone after asking me a few questions. Upon arrival, the tech was respectful and courteous. He was very efficient and knowledgeable in diagnosing and fixing the problem – I had a broken pump. The cost was pretty much what he had quoted me over the phone. I signed onto their maintenance program as I saw what kind of customer-oriented company they were. I would strongly recommend.

John B. -

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