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Has Your Furnace Been Red Tagged?

Here’s Why You Should Get a Second Opinion ASAP


When you called to have someone come look at your furnace, you probably never expected the appointment would end with your gas being shut off.

As if you weren’t stressed enough dealing a malfunctioning furnace…now you’ll have to worry about keeping your family warm and your water pipes from freezing, too.

Right now, there’s a lot of pressure on you to open your wallet and have your furnace repaired or replaced ASAP. But the truth is, sometimes, service companies make the wrong decision.

Just because your furnace has been red tagged by one company doesn’t mean it’s done for good. You have the right to get a second opinion.

AtlasCare will send an experienced, licensed gas technician to inspect your red tagged furnace today. If it’s an emergency, we can have someone out to your home in 4 hours or less.

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What It Really Means When Your Furnace Is Red Tagged


You might wonder how it’s even legal to shut down a family’s furnace at this time of year… we’ll tell you the reason why.

Here in Ontario, gas-fired furnaces are regulated under the Technical Standards and Safety Act. Certified gas technicians are required by law to follow these standards. Now, we don’t need to get too technical here, but it will help you to understand how this law applies to the practice of red tagging.

Gas technicians have the discretion to inspect a furnace and decide if it is safe to operate. If the technician believes that the unit is in an “unacceptable condition”, they are required by law to give it a red tag. There are two types of red tags a technician can give:

  1. Immediate Red Tag / Warning Tag Category “A”: means the furnace poses an immediate hazard. This requires the technician to shut off the supply of gas to the appliance immediately.
  2. 30-Day Red Tag / Warning Tag Category “B”: means the furnace is in unacceptable condition but does not believe it poses an immediate hazard. The gas will be shut off if the furnace is not repaired or replaced in 30 days.


Without a doubt, a red tagged furnace can be a very serious situation. Red tags are not a suggestion. They’re the law, and should be treated as such.

But there is something very important about this law that many people don’t realize: you are not required to have the furnace fixed or replaced by the same company that red tagged it. And if a different licensed gas technician inspects the furnace and deems it safe, they can fill out the “clearance” form to have your gas turned back on.

Gas technicians are human. It’s surprisingly common for one technician to make a judgement call that a furnace is “unacceptable” when several other technicians would disagree.

This is why we believe that you should always get a second opinion before you decide how to act. AtlasCare can send out a qualified gas technician to inspect your furnace today. In an emergency, we can be there in 4 hours or less.

Simply fill out the form on this page or call us at 1-833-429-1706 to book your second opinion now.

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