Must Purchase From MARCH 12, 2018 Through JUNE 15, 2018

Install by: June 22, 2018

Submit Claims by: July 6, 2018


Get a Rebate of $1,700 PLUS Don’t Pay until 2018
36 Month Equal Payment No Interest on any Qualifying Products

  • All Lennox System Rebates require a qualifying indoor unit, qualifying outdoor unit and qualifying thermostat.

  • XC/XP25 and XC/XP20 units must be paired with an iComfort-enabled indoor unit and iComfort WI-FI, iComfort S30, or iHarmony thermostat option. The serial number for iComfort WI-FI® Thermostat, iHarmony®, or iComfort® S30 is required for the system rebate.

  • Only equipment and systems listed on the promotion are eligible for this promotion and subject to availability.

  • Multiple qualifying products may be sold within an individual family or household.

  • Serial numbers are required for indoor units, outdoor units and iComfort thermostats. Be sure to keep serial numbers on file.

  • Promotions are offered to the homeowner at the discretion of the Lennox dealer.

  • Purchase of the equipment must be made by the individual receiving the rebate.

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