SpacePak Air Conditioners

Spacepak air conditioners are ideal for these types of spaces:

  • Historic buildings
  • Buildings without existing ductwork
  • Buildings that utilize radiant heat systems
  • Open floor plans
  • Log homes/cabins
  • Brownstones or row houses
  • Lofts
  • Additions
  • Modular homes

Spacepak air conditioning systems provide a consistent comfortable temperature on each floor of the home. Piping, vents, and ductwork are hidden and discreet. They will not interfere with your home’s design and décor. In fact, SpacePak offers attractive outlets that will blend beautifully with your home’s style and colour. The SpacePak provides fast and efficient dehumidification. This means that your house will stay cooler, without having to overwork your AC – saving you money on your electricity bill and reducing your carbon footprint. AtlasCare can install a SpacePak air conditioning system into an existing or new structure. Contact an AtlasCare service technician for Spackpak service, repair and installation in the GTA.

Spacepak Air Conditioner Products