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Superior Processes

Our business can be hectic and urgent – when customers are without heat, we pull out all the stops to fix it fast. To meet this promise, we must ensure a well-established customer and service management process is in place – from the first call we receive, until the work is completed and confirmed.


The heartbeat of our operation is a sophisticated technology solution called ServiceTitan – the number one home service software solution in North America. It’s a comprehensive system that allows us to integrate our call centre, sales, dispatch, inventory, client records, accounting and communications in one seamless program that saves us time and reduces the risk of confusion or error.

Service Titan is all about creating a great customer experience that gets us to you, and information to you, faster. We can communicate with you on your terms – telephone, text, email, online chat – and will provide automatic confirmations for all appointments, including the names and photos of the team members you can expect at your door. It is also easy for our customers to post feedback that helps us continuously improve our business. You will get an email or text after every visit and all you will have to do is click on the link to provide a review.

Service Titan is also fully mobile, cloud-based and therefore accessible by our staff from anywhere. All service, sales, installation and duct cleaning personnel use iPads to process work orders on-site. No more waiting several days for paperwork to show up from the field; we will have all the necessary information immediately available to our full team. This allows us to be more efficient, there when you need us, and is a very secure data storage solution for our customers’ valuation information.


AtlasCare is also a proud member of the Nexstar Network, an industry group dedicated to best practices and strategies amongst 600 (and growing) of the most successful and effective home service businesses across North America.

The group is founded on the premise of contractor success through education and sharing, a principle that guides us today and every day. Nexstar’s purpose is to help each member company succeed as the best in class in customer service, profitability and employee engagement. From business networking opportunities through training classes and leadership events, our member dues have paid off handsomely in enhanced learning and strategies and help us stay competitive and provide the most exceptional service experience to our customers that we possibly can.

Best of all, the network is run according to a code of ethics of respect, honesty, gratitude and high standards. This group truly is the best of the best, and we are honoured to be one of few Canadian contractors involved.