Our Culture – AtlasCare

Our Culture

Please take a moment to view our 2018 Culture Book. It’s a great celebration of our fantastic group!

We consider it a privilege to employ our team of dedicated, experienced and highly skilled professionals. They are members of our family, and it is important to us that they are treated well, receive fair pay and reliable hours.

Unlike some HVAC contractors, we do not put our technicians on seasonal contracts so that we can only pay them when we’re busy. They are all employees, because we understand they have homes, families and budgets just like we all do. That means we work together to keep busy on a variety of important work, and usually they learn more about our business than they would otherwise – and are more invested as a result.

Building our knowledge – always

We are extremely committed to continuous improvement. Our management and staff team benefit from many different training and development opportunities that ensure their skills are always sharp, and that we have the expertise to solve any problem we encounter. It also means we focus on the next generation of technicians, and invest our knowledge, time and energy in technical trades colleges in our region, and important programs such as the Skills Canada competitions. We aim to be the most skilled and knowledgeable HVAC company in our market – to our customers’ advantage.

Our caring team

Together, the AtlasCare team creates a culture that is trusting, open and fun. We communicate frequently and honestly with employees, and ensure management are available for everyone. Whether it’s an ugly sweater contest, a pot-luck, our yearly recognition of long-service employees, the annual “Silver Fox” and “Sunshine” awards to honour our most exceptional employees, or our legendary Christmas parties (one for children, and another for grown-ups only)… there is always a celebration at AtlasCare!

We care deeply about giving back to our community, as well. As a team, and as a corporation, we believe we have a responsibility to do all that we can to support the neighbours around us who are less fortunate than we are, and can use a helping hand.