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AtlasCare Perfect Installation Process

Every installation with AtlasCare goes through a special installation process that ensures a perfect install, every time, guaranteed.

1) Sales Process: AtlasCare develops a detailed installation specification to review with you. This drives the whole process forward.

2) Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication: AtlasCare employs a sheet metal shop to fabricate special fittings required to ensure optimum air flow in your system.

3) Furnace Venting: No order can be complete without a clear understanding of how the furnace is to vent safely.

4) Customer Service: We install on your terms—we fit into your schedule.

5) Protection of Your Home: Specialized handling equipment, drop sheets, runners and booties ensure your home is well protected while we’re there.

6) Installation Kit: AtlasCare has developed unique installation kits so our installers have all the material on-hand to complete every job in one day.

7) Licensed Installers: Every AtlasCare installer is fully qualified and trained. We never use sub-contractors.

8) Garbage Removal: We take everything away with us.

9) Start-Up Sheet: The AtlasCare installers perform a detailed testing and documentation of the system for future service reference.

10) Customer Survey: For continuous improvement, we ask for your feedback.

11) Quality Audit: We verify that the work is done to standards.

12) Duct Cleaning: AtlasCare has a full duct cleaning service available for those who want to have a perfectly clean system after equipment installation.

13) Homeowner Manual: AtlasCare has a unique Homeowner Manual detailing the use and care, documentation and warranties related to the system.

14) Rebate Administration: AtlasCare takes care of the paperwork so homeowners can have the confidence that they will get the maximum rebates.

15) Warranty Registration: AtlasCare registers all warranties on your behalf—no paperwork necessary from you.

16) GC Plan: AtlasCare has the best service maintenance program available to keep your equipment in the best possible condition.

17) Unconditional Guarantee: You must be 100% satisfied with your system or we’ll replace it free—or refund your money. This is the best in the business!