Keep Those Dryer Vents Clear

Clothes dryer and washer

Another big energy consumer in the home is the clothes dryer, and it’s costing homeowners. One of the best things you can do is to have the dryer vent cleaned annually. This can be part of a duct cleaning or on its own. We encourage customers to clean their ducts and vents at least every […]

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Working From Heights

Hvac technican working from heights

Ontario has recently launched new legislation governing how workers will conduct themselves when working on ladders, roofs or any place where they are not on the ground. This has an impact in the HVAC industry. I personally know of a situation where a worker fell off a homeowner’s roof while installing an air conditioner, and […]

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More Control = More Comfort

Lennox S30 iComfort Thermostat

One of the big revolutions in the HVAC industry is around thermostats and controls in general. The old round or rectangular thermostat with 2 switches and a mercury bulb are real dinosaurs. In fact, they’re being changed out with such volume that we have an industry recycling program to recover the mercury from old thermostats. […]

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Rebates: The Clock is Ticking!

Homeowners can take advantage of multiple Rebates through AtlasCare

Rebates have been with us for 10 years now so they have the appearance of being perpetual. The current round of rebates is scheduled to expire on June 30, 2017. I have no expectation that they will be renewed in their present form since most of the important energy improvements have been legislated into existence […]

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Rental Water Heaters: Challenging the Status Quo

Roger with Rheem Water heaters

Most HVAC appliances are now very efficient, and water heaters remain the last bastion of opportunity for energy improvement. We are seeing high efficiency water tanks and even heat pump water heaters enter the market. I have one in my home. The big challenge in this area is rental programs: owners of big water heater […]

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Big Change Means Big Value

An AtlasCare technician with a homeowner and an 98.7% efficient furnace

The HVAC industry has tended to live at the bottom of the value chain for so long because there was no big energy penalty for not improving efficiencies. Things have changed materially in a very short period of time. AtlasCare now has access to furnaces that are up to 98.7% efficient and air conditioners up […]

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The Best of Both Worlds

An AtlasCare technician discussing the XP heat pump from Lennox

Much has been said about electricity versus natural gas. The present government has stated that they would like to get rid of natural gas. (See Climate Change Action Plan.) I don’t know when that will occur if ever, but it begs the question of which fuel you should use. I made the decision in my […]

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Energy Changes on the Horizon

AtlasCare Employee with discussing a climate change a homeowner

Much is being reported in the press these days about the rising cost of energy. There is talk about renewable energy versus fossil fuel versus nuclear generated electricity; the merits of electricity versus natural gas and electric vehicles versus combustion engines. Don’t forget climate change and carbon reduction. There are a lot of “versus” on […]

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We are 85 Years Young!

Dick Thomas, Vice-President Installation Division AtlasCare

You wouldn’t know it from our youthful energy, but 2017 is the 85th anniversary of AtlasCare. This is a big milestone for our company. Over the coming year we will be offering some 85th anniversary specials so keep an eye out for them. We have had one employee, Dick Thomas, our vice president of the […]

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Rental Furnaces and Air Conditioners

Rental Furnaces and Air Conditioners

The issue of furnace and AC rentals is too big to tackle quickly, but I wanted to provide some information to help our customers and their families avoid some of the pitfalls with some rental contracts, especially if you are looking at selling a home.

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